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    Waterproof Pet Sofa Protector

    Save your couches!  You want to share your couch with your best friend but need to keep your couch or sofa clean from your pets muddy prints, fur, smell and accidents. With our Waterproof Pet Sofa Protector you can do exactly that. 

    The sofa cover is water proof and double-sided offering twice the protection! With its durable construction, it acts as a reliable furniture protector, ensuring your sofa stays clean and pristine.

    Our Waterproof Pet Sofa Protector simply provides an effective, extra layer of protection between your beloved pet and your sofa.

    7 colours and 4 sizes to choose from!

    Stylish, Durable, Simple

    • Waterproof
    • Double sided
    • Made from durable materials
    • Easy on and off design
    • Easy care washable
    • Non-slip reducing constant readjusting
    • Soft and skin-friendly  

    Easy Care Washing instructions: Gentle machine wash with cold or warm water. Line dry.

    Your couch protector will manage everyday pet situations with ease. If submerged with water for a prolonged period of time the cover may start to leak.


    Sofa Size Wide (cm) Deep (cm)
    1 Seater 55 196
    2 Seater 130 196
    3 Seater 190 196
    4 Seater 250 196

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    Fast shipped for free from our overseas warehouse.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 117 reviews
    Lionel Wehner

    Water Resistant Pet Sofa Protector

    Christelle Runte

    Water Resistant Pet Sofa Protector

    Tito Kuhn

    Water Resistant Pet Sofa Protector

    Terrence Bradtke

    Water Resistant Pet Sofa Protector

    Gino Lang

    Water Resistant Pet Sofa Protector

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