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  • Pet Fur Sticky Paper Roller 150 Sheets

    Introducing the Pet Fur Sticky Paper Roller - 150 Sheets, the ultimate cleaning tool for removing pet fur. This compact and portable roller is designed to effortlessly tackle fur on various surfaces. Each package includes 2 extra rolls of tearable paper with 50 sheets in each roll. 

    It is specifically designed to capture fur, fibres, and debris. The roller is versatile and can be used on clothing, bed sheets, sofas, carpets, and even on pets.

    Simply roll the adhesive paper over the surface to remove unwanted particles. The roller is easy to use and store, thanks to its convenient handle roll. Say goodbye to pet hair and enjoy a clean environment with the Pet Hair Sticky Paper Roller.


    10cm in length and an inner diameter of 3.8cm,

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 137 reviews
    Manuel Bashirian

    Thank you for prompt delivery.

    Alexandro Homenick

    Pet Fur Sticky Paper Roller 150 Sheets

    Erick Larkin

    Pet Fur Sticky Paper Roller 150 Sheets

    Ophelia Crooks

    Perfect and functional.

    Alice Beahan

    Pet Fur Sticky Paper Roller 150 Sheets