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  • HD Wi-Fi Waterproof Outdoor Pet Camera

    You can see exactly what your pet is getting up to in all weather with our HD Wi-Fi Waterproof Outdoor Pet Camera. Your smartphone can send you notifications automatically via the Tuya app for iPhone or Android whenever your pet's movements are detected. 

    You can check in on your pet to see if they are OK and you can video call or face-time your pet live! Now you will be able to monitor your pet from the cafe, from work, on holidays, anywhere in the world where you have your smartphone!

    Easy Use App

    Our cameras use the highly rated, free Tuya Smart app available on the App Store or Google Play. Multiple cameras can be connected and multiple users can connect to the camera via the app or desktop using your login details. 

    Apple App Store

    Google Play

    Easy Installation

    The camera attaches to a wall or ceiling and a bracket and screws are provided.  All instructions are provided.

    Weatherproof Design 

    IP-65 Waterproof, designed to withstand outdoor conditions. This camera features a durable construction that is resistant to rain, snow, and dust, ensuring reliable performance year-round.

    High Resolution

    3MP resolution options for crisp, clear video footage, allowing you to capture every detail with precision.

    Pan-Tilt-Zoom Functionality

    Enjoy flexible monitoring capabilities with 4X digital zoom and PTZ control, enabling you to adjust the camera's angle and focus remotely for optimal coverage.

    Motion Detection 

    Receive instant alerts (optional) on your smartphone whenever motion is detected within the camera's field of view, allowing you to track your pet's movement.

    Night Vision 

    Equipped with infrared LEDs, this camera delivers clear video footage even in low-light conditions, providing round-the-clock monitoring of your pet.

    Video Recording Storage - Optional

    If you want to store video footage you can select an SD Card or you can use the cloud service. There is an initial free 15 day trial for the cloud service.

    Micro SD Card Storage Guide

    Camera will record over footage once the SD Card is full.

    SD Card Storage




    Continuous Recording Time

    1-2 Days

    2-4 Days

    4-8 Days

    Wi-Fi Connectivity

    Connect effortlessly to your home network via Wi-Fi. 2.4Ghz compatible, not 5Ghz (Most WiFi routers have the option of 2.4Ghz).

    Order the best combination of camera and SD Card for you and enjoy peace of mind knowing where your pet is around the clock.

    Fast shipped for free from our overseas warehouse.

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