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  • Military Style Dog Harness

    Our Military Style Dog Harness is durable, adjustable and highly comfortable making taking your dog for a walk more enjoyable.  Is your dog is taking you for a walk and neither you are not enjoying your walk time? It's time to escalate and select our harness that is designed in the style favoured by military and service dog handlers.

    The harness distributes your dogs weight across the shoulders, back and chest giving you greater control and your dog a sense of comfort.  The harnesses design prevents the choking action that can be caused by the pulling and pressure around your dog’s neck by traditional leashes and harnesses.  

    The nylon mesh fabric is water resistant and also improves airflow keeping your pet cool.  The soft padding wraps the harness around your pet gently and comfortably.  The buckle and strap can also be adjusted to your dog's shape.
    Harness Size Chart

    Size Chest Neck Back
    Medium 57cm - 75cm 48cm - 73cm 26cm
    Large  70cm - 95cm 61cm - 86cm 29cm
    X Large 90cm - 115cm 70cm - 96cm



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    Rylee Grimes

    Military Style Dog Harness

    Herbert Welch

    Perfect. Very good quality

    Shad Erdman

    Military Style Dog Harness

    Deja Haag

    Military Style Dog Harness

    Mariana Krajcik

    Military Style Dog Harness

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