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  • Professional Pet Nail Clippers

    Our Professional Pet Nail Clippers with safety catch are designed for one task: to trim your pets nails and claws.   Made from high quality stainless steel for maximum sharpness and durability and a comfortable sturdy rubber handle. 

    Colours: Blue and Pink
    Two styles and two sizes to choose from

    Our Rechargeable Dog Nail Trimmer is ideal for ongoing maintenance of your pets claws

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    Model  Size Length Width
    Standard Grip Small 12cm 4cm
    Standard Grip Large 16cm 5cm
    Hook Grip Small 14.5cm 4.5cm
    Hook Grip Large 16.5cm 6cm

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Tess O'Hara

    Like It

    Jayne Gerhold

    Good scissors, but I haven't tried it yet

    Jayme McDermott

    They work very well. Just like in photo.

    Landen Kemmer

    Effective. I recommend for cat claws.

    Bonita Reichel

    The paddle for holding the claw under the knives is not for the full length of the blades, otherwise it's great