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  • Slow Feeder Puzzle Pet Food Bowl

    Our Slow Feeder Puzzle Pet Food Bowl is a clever way to slow down your fast eating cat or dog.  In the wild animals have to work to get their food.  Of course our lucky pets don't have to!

    Our bowls introduce a challenge for your pet and make feeding fun and stimulating for them.  By preventing your pet from gulping their food down in a few bites you can help reduces the risk of bloat, regurgitation and obesity. 

    Check out our 9 designs and 5 colours, there is a bowl for your pet!

    Sizes: 18-21cm Diameter, Height 4-5cm

    Staff Cat And Dog Test

    This was an instant success for the cat and her eating was slowed down immediately.  Our dog has been using his bowl for about 9 months and it has also been a great success.  He would otherwise inhale his food.  He has just recently found a way to chew the bowl and we have another on order. JG

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    Ruth Block

    Slow Feeder Puzzle Pet Food Bowl

    Izabella Beatty

    Slow Feeder Puzzle Pet Food Bowl

    Irwin White

    Slow Feeder Puzzle Pet Food Bowl

    Hermina Baumbach

    Slow Feeder Puzzle Pet Food Bowl

    Erik Bartell

    Slow Feeder Puzzle Pet Food Bowl